Lemon Water Detox : A Shot Way to Weight Loss

lemon water detoxDetoxification diets have become very popular in the last couple of years. Not only are they fashionable but very effective as well. They reduce weight in a matter of weeks and cleanse the body of all its toxins. With fast paced development, especially in the cities people are taking in way more toxins than they can imagine. These toxins enter the body through air, processed foods and street foods. With such a busy lifestyle getting detoxified has become necessary. The lemon water detox is one of the most popular detoxification methods.

How to make the lemon water drink:

Extract lemon juice in purified or distilled water and drink this concoction 7-8 times a day. It will rinse your body from all the toxins. According to some dieticians adding one tenth spoon of Cayenne pepper and two table spoons of maple syrup grade B can enhance the detoxification process. For people who are interested in fast results. This concoction would be a better option. The lemon cleanse is known for its amazing results and leaves one feeling reinvigorates and fresh.

Salt water flush:

Coupled with the salt water flush the lemon water detox is known to have a brilliant impact on the body.  It is important to note that for this complete diet one has to stick to pure or distilled water only. Tap water will not do. One needs to add two teaspoons of fine grain salt to one big glass of water. Too much salt is an absolute no-no. This drink is a bit hard to swallow and leads to a nauseating feeling for the next hour. So it is advisable to drink it fast with one gulp.

Benefits of salt water flush:

The lemon cleanse can take one only so far. It is the salt water flush that actually does the trick in the end. It is a key requirement to reach the finish line as the leading runner. The lemon water diet only brings the toxins to the surface. It is the salt water drink which seeps the body of its toxins. So couple both the drinks together and one will observe remarkable changes in the body.

However, it is advisable to have the salt water drink at home as one needs to frequent the bathroom after the intake of the drink. This diet leaves one feeling fresh and more alert. It complete cleanses the liver and helps it to function better.

Lemon juice

Lemons have been known the world over for their detoxifying property. They are amazing antioxidants which fasten the process of losing pounds. For health freaks the ideal way to lose weight while on the lemon water detox would be to also include regular exercise in their daily regimen. The power of exercise should never be underestimated. It is known for having an amplified effect on the process of detoxification which leaves one feeling healthy, fit and mentally calm. Lemon water helps in shedding weight in a healthy fashion. The diet is not meant to help one simply lose weight but lose it in the right way. So include a combination of lemon and exercise in your daily life and benefit from the many benefits that you had never even thought about.