Hard and Fast Rules of the Highly Effective Lemon Water Diet

lemon water dietThe lemon and water diet is known is one of the most famous yet least followed through diets. It is highly effective. However, for a diet with many benefits it is not so easy to follow. This diet is designed for those who have a strong will power. And have the mental stability to put mind over matter. Since it takes a toll on the body, it is recommended that before getting into the diet one should consult a physician.

Challenges of the detoxification process:

To get through the first four days of the lemon water diet is considered a milestone. However, people should understand that this diet is not to be followed for a long period of time. While it completely rids the body of the many toxins which have accumulated over the course of a year, however, it should not be followed for more than a week. As the human body requires all kinds of nutrients to function in a healthy manner, it is paramount to not exclude food from the daily diet.

The challenges of this diet are smaller portions of food that one has to stick to. The aim is to have a glass of lemon water every time one feels a pang of hunger. It takes a toll on the body and the mind. And the person undergoing the diet is known to have mood swings in the first few days. However, if one sticks through the week the benefits are just too many. So, don’t get de-motivated midway, follow it to the end and feel yourself miraculously losing weight.

Maple syrup and cayenne pepper recommended:

While sticking to simply the lemon and water diet is recommended, however some minor changes can make the diet more beneficial and healthier. The maple syrup takes care of the daily calorie intake which helps one to function normally as it gives body the strength that it needs. Cayenne pepper enhances the weight loss speed. Also it gives the drink a little kick so that the individual feels more energized after having the drink. These two additions help one to get through the diet more easily and in a stable fashion.

This diet takes complete care of the liver

The liver is the organ of the body which is responsible for the detoxification process of the whole body. So when one detoxifies the liver they are actually detoxifying the body. The lemon and water diet does precisely this. It detoxifies the liver so that it can further detoxify the body and help one get rid of all the unwanted toxins which run free and keep the individual from feeling fit and energized.

The vitamin C which the lemon juice provides boosts the immune system and helps one in fighting diseases. The immune system is the backbone of the body. If it works fine, then the body automatically works fine. If you are interested in following through with the lemon water diet, then you should do it with the salt water flush. It will completely change the way you feel about your body. The lemon and water diet is a course that one should go through at least once every year. Its detoxifying results are amazing.